Residential Construction

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Rough-In Plumbing

We provide rough-in plumbing services during the early, rudimentary phases of fresh construction by inducting in the basic plumbing framework first, prior to the finalized installation. Rough-in plumbing design lets the other various stages of construction or redesigning to spear ahead without the fully completed plumbing system causing any hindrances.

Gas Service Installations

There exists various new options available with new gas service inductions and installations. We work in direct collaboration with Hawaii Gas Company to come up with the best possible solution to supply natural gas into your domicile or business. Our gas service inductions also incorporate new gas line layouts, on-site gas tanks, water heaters, washers and dryers, tiki torches, gas stoves, and etc. Hawaii Gas Company as of now proposes various clean energy credit incentives; please inquire for more details.


It is also worth mentioning how an isolated accessory dwelling or unit accessory dwelling unit is an exclusive living space in the confines of a house or on the same scape as an actual house. Options like garage apartments, attic apartments, and detached cottages are all deemed as ADUs and now because of the housing market crisis, ADU incentives are being proposed by the State of Hawaii.


“100% Customer Satisfaction”

At Kamaaina Pros, only highly qualified technicians are taken on board, that are well trained, and background checked. Besides, the company understands that the customers want someone they can trust and have confidence that the job will be done well in the first go..

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